Free Debt Advice (UK): Here’s Where to Get It

You are not alone if you struggle with debt in the UK. There are many people in a similar situation. The good news is that help is always available.

Free Debt Advice (UK): Here’s Where to Get It

You are not alone if you struggle with debt in the UK. There are many people in a similar situation. The good news is that help is always available.

This blog post will explore where you can find free debt advice UK. So, you can take the first step towards financial freedom.

Some resources and organisations can provide free support and guidance to help you dealing with debts or other financial obligations.

What to do when you’re worried about debt and finances?

Take the following steps if you are worried about your immediate financial situation:

  • Save money & limit your spending.
  • Gather all your current financial information such as bank accounts, creditors & income statements.
  • Calculate your outgoings and expenditures.
  • Calculate the entirety of your debt amounts.
  • Create a suitable budget around the debts.
  • If possible, negotiate with your creditors to delay payment or freeze interest.
  • Make a monthly repayment plan.

If you believe you are still in a position where you require professional help. You can seek free debt advice (UK) services or speak to us using our free solution finder. We have listed some of the most informative free debt advice (UK) sites below.

Why is Free Debt Advice Necessary?

Seeking help for free debt advice (UK) can be daunting, but the benefits of doing so can be immense.

Professional debt advisors can provide effective strategies to help you manage your debt efficiently.

You can then pay off your debts quickly and without any hassles.

Here’s why you need free debt advice UK:

  • Get can get tailored tips and strategies to manage your debt.
  • Understand legal proceedings like bankruptcy, debt management plans or IVA filing.
  • Avoid hidden fees charged by private debt advisors.
  • Professional support to help you pay off debts quickly.
Free Debt Advice UK Charities

Free debt advice UK charities provide confidential advice and support on debt-related issues.

StepChange, PayPlan, and National Debtline are some of the top debt charities. They offer expert guidance on budgeting, financial planning, and debt consolidation solutions. They also provide helpful resources such as tailored budgeting plans and checklists.

Seeking help from a charity can make managing your finances more manageable, helping you get back on track. Here are some of the best sites to visit for free debt advice (UK):

Citizens Advice

Citizen Advice is a reliable free debt advice service for you.

It is the most suitable service for you if you want to resolve concerns involving indebtedness, conflicts, lodging, and migration. You can seek all the assistance you want at the ease of your house.

Due to limitations with COVID-19 you might find that a lot of their service / support is now online or over the phone.

Step Change (Previously named Consumer Credit Counselling Service)

StepChange Debt Charity is the foremost charitable organisation for debt advice in the UK.

It aids more than 630,000 individuals to regain command of their financial situations annually.

Their advice is unbiased, private, and free of cost. Every beneficiary is provided with professionally tailored guidance to address their debts.

The Money Charity

The government-established Money Advice Service provides cost-free and unbiased advice and guidance on financial matters.

They help educate, advise, and guide individuals of any age to effectively manage their finances and improve their overall finances.
You can access various tools and calculators for monitoring and planning for the future.

Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)

The Department of Work and Pension (DWP) is a government institution that helps with employment and welfare concerns.

The DWP was previously the Department of Social Security (DSS).

If you want to know about Universal Credit, seek help from the DWP. You can get information like income tax, housing benefits, and eligibility criteria.

Debt Charities UK

Debt Advice Foundation is a UK-based charity providing free, confidential debt advice.

They can help with budgeting, money management, and assessing options such as bankruptcy or an IVA. You can also ask for support for your repayment plans.

Their accessible telephone service, web chat option, and comprehensive website make them an invaluable source for anyone seeking debt advice.


If you are seeking an official website that can provide debt-related information in the UK, GOV.UK could be for you.

You can go through all government debt help services for the public in one place.

Although the list is quite extensive, GOV.UK will cater for all personal situations.

free debt card
The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is an independent organisation that regulates financial services and markets in the UK.

They guide debt solutions and advise individuals about their rights when dealing with creditors. Their website also provides information on various types of loans, mortgages, credit cards, and consumer finance products.

By ensuring lenders comply with the FCA’s rules, they help protect individuals from unfair lending practices. It makes sure that those seeking debt advice receive appropriate support.

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC)

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is the UK government department responsible for collecting taxes and delivering public services.

They offer free debt advice, help with budgeting, and provide information on tax credits, child benefits, and national insurance payments.

They also have a specialist team to answer specific concerns about debt. You can use HMRC’s online portal for detailed information about tax-related issues.

Help from HMRC can be invaluable for people struggling with their finances, providing them with crucial advice and guidance.

Get Free Debt Help in the UK from Our Experts

Getting out of debt is a simple process if you follow the steps timely and proper!

mymoneyoffice is committed to providing you with the guidance and support you need to get back on track financially.

We will also explain any legal proceedings, such as filing for bankruptcy or an IVA. All this is provided free of charge and in complete confidence. Use our free solution finder to start tackling your debt!

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Seeking free debt advice is wise when struggling with debt in the UK.

Various options are available for you. Taking action early can prevent the situation from getting worse, and there is no shame in asking for help.

By seeking advice, individuals can better understand their financial situation. Moreover, you can receive personalised guidance on managing your debts. With the right support, it is totally possible to become debt-free and regain financial control.

The Money Advice Service is a free and impartial organisation, created by the Government, with the goal of providing debt counselling, debt adjusting and credit information services to those in need. Individuals can get professional free advice on how to manage their financial burdens by visiting